When you are bless to be trained by the best... Invest in @COACHRICK23 his system works, took someone like me and now I train current, former, and future world It works!!

Tony Collino

Real life experiences from men, and women, having the opportunity to do what they have always dreamed of by becoming a boxing coach, and a world class mittwork specialist. Take a look at some of our current Certified Mittology Instructors!!

Robyn ann's EXPERIENCE

robyn ann sauer

Coach Rick,

Although we don't know each other personally, as I reflect on 2013 I know I need to thank you. Bak in May, I began working with a boxing trainer, Adam Esposito who learned his mitt training from your program. Prior to May I had no boxing experience except group boxing fitness classes. To be honest, I had seen people do pad work and although I though it looked really cool, it completely scared me because I knew I could not be good at it.

Over the past 7 months, I have experienced growth that I never thought possible. I may still be far from the overall physical appearance goals I have for myself, but for the first time I believe I will get there. Mitt work had improved my overall attitude towards working out and, in many ways, my life.

I have put in the time and effort. I take pride in improving my skills every week. And to be completely honest, when Adam posts videos of us doing drills and someone of your caliber "likes" it, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Adam has pushed me when needed, believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and taught me a skill I never thought I could learn. Thank you for teaching him what he needed to know to be able to make such an impact on my life. I even began bloggin to share my experiences. Others have since wrote me to let me know that I have inspired them to want to do pad work and/or at least get on a fitness routine. I am sure that you get satisfaction out of seeing your clients grow and improve. However, I don't think you know how far the limbs of your tree are spreading and the great effect that is being made in people's lives. that is why I needed to reach out to you let you know and say thank you... from the bottom of my heart. OI look forward to continuing my progress. Thanks Again!

Warmest Regards,

Robyn Sauer

kenneth han's EXPERIENCE

kenneth han - level 1 certified mittology instructor

I have had a fascination with the #mayweatherstylemittwork ever since I started watching HBO 24/7 De La Hoya vs Mayweather. Shortly there after, I found Coach Rick. Back then I'd just watch the videos for fun, but really had no reason to actually learn it and neither did I know any trainers that taught it in the Los Angeles Area. Now it's EVERYWHERE. But I wanted to teach it properly with the help of TOP NOTCH instruction. After about 2 months of non-stop practice and execution, I am now certified by the World's Foremost Expert in mittology. 🙏 for the growth and ecstatic to be part of the #mittologyfamily @coachrick23. I can't be more happy with my investment into the program and foundation.

Kenneth Han







Mittology training real life





Roger Eriksen - elite certified mittology instructor

I got a message from my mentor Coach Rick's Mittology Training last night! I have taken the first course of three, has clear now certificate in Mittology Instructor Training Level 1 feel humble but very proud of this! I'm the first in Norway who have certification in this type pad work :)) now I can help many martial artists to increase the skills of the best, even in extreme conditions! So today I want to give my attention to two of my friends, brothers, but also my mentor, first - Coach Roman Anuchin! thank you for all Mittology video you have tagged me - learned a lot from studying these as I am a big fan of what you do brother Roman! So the man who has studied and created this unique Mayweather pad work system to their own James Ricky Coward! Thank you for the informative and fun course Coach Rick! You changed my live for the better because then you are sharing this with other coaches around the world are incredibly nice! :)) Mittology Training is what to specialize within me, so now the focus is on reppitisjoner and study to become better ...... always practice to get better.

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Jay-R's Experience

Jay-R Lions head training bkk

Good Day to you coach Rick,

I have been you avid fan and follower of your work for quite a while now and I just want to say thanks for the inspiration. Your Mittology program has been a big inspiration of my MittMASTER program out here in Bangkok, Thailand and as of now I'm still the only one who can train clients and fighters with this training system. I learned a lot from you, a WHOLE LOT, Ones again, thank you and I hope to get your blessings in what I do which was inspired after what you made great. 

Coach Jay-R

Lions Head Training BKK